Our business is founded on a deep respect and appreciation for nature. The rocky mountain habitat is an undeniable source of beauty and diversity that we strive to honor in all of our seasonal wreaths and planters.  Let us be your source for fresh, local and remarkable seasonal décor, literally ‘bringing nature to your door.”


Restorative Sustainability

Rocky Mountain Wreaths believes our natural world is something to be revered and cherished. We also know that beautiful surroundings and natural plant materials can make us happy and healthy. The scent of a juniper bough, the prickle of spruce needles, the sacred geometry of a pinecone; all elicit an endorphin releasing response to give us a true natural high! In Japan it actually has a name, "Shinrin-yoku", and translates as "Forest bathing" It is a cornerstone to preventative and restorative healing modalities. So we invite you to immerse in our locally-grown, native plant species, present in all of our wreaths and arrangements and intoxicating in our workshops!  We have arrangements with local arborists and saw mills to take boughs already being cut down, so our products haven't traveled across borders or overseas to reach you. We carefully prune what we need, leaving the tree or plant intact and in some cases, healthier than before- and you will be too!  


Our principle of sustainability also extends to how we do business.  We believe in supporting local employment and connecting with other businesses with the same philosophy as ours.  Without support from our extended business community, incredible staff, and numerous family and friends, we could not do what we do!