Drop-in Tuesdays!

Drop in any time on any Tuesday from 9:30am – 4pm for your weekly soul art fix! 

Do you dream of having some time and space to tap into your inner artist? When you see others create does it inspire you to bring your own ideas to fruition? Do you wish you had your own special little studio to leave life behind and escape to? Research shows that people who allow themselves peaceful time to express creatively are happier, healthier, and more balanced.  Nourish your well being - We all have an inner artist just waiting for a place to BE. 

Wolf Willow Studio invites you to share our sacred and precious art studio to feed your artist soul. Just bring your favourite art supplies to play with, that project you always meant to finish or the one you never even started!  A practicing artist will always be on hand to help facilitate and inspire you and there are plenty of tables, books, tea, and cushy sofas in the sunshine! Let Wolf Willow be your soul art home!

Wolf Willow Studio puts no price on soul art. Drop In Tuesdays are fully accessible, donation accepted offerings.