Edgar Allen Poe defined Art as “The reproduction of what the senses perceive in nature through the veil of the soul.” My soul is often still my nine year old explorer self - looking, gathering, dreaming, making. Nature’s colors, textures, and evolution inform my love of mixed media and mosaic. I want to reclaim her discarded limbs, dropped feathers, bone. In exploring the facets of humanity also within her realm, I seek to discovering patterns, sentiment and memory. In rearranging her beauty and making things whole, I reveal the veil to my own soul.

Michelena is a community creator, opening Wolf Willow Studio in 2012 to hold space for her passions of nature, art, and collaboration. It is home for her seasonal nature décor business, Rocky Mountain Wreaths, which transforms local, native plant material into beautiful offerings for Calgarians homes. Through the medium of mosaic she continues to honor nature, focusing on recycled and salvaged items; broken china, damaged tiles, reclaimed metal, and flotsam in which to reorganized as unique textural artwork and murals. She specializes in collaborative processes, creating special community-building outcomes. 

Michelena’s thriving sustainable décor company, Rocky Mountain Wreaths, her passion for sharing, and a beautiful little spider, were the catalysts enabling her to create and open WWS, a community hub in Spruce Cliff SW. Calgary.